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Faery Court Masquerade Ball Costume Inspiration: What to wear?


Faery Court Masquerade Ball Dress Code plus tips from the Faery Queen's Modiste and Stylist

2023 Photo Memories

Special thank you to the talented photographers who helped capture memories of the

4th Annual Faery Court Masquerade Ball: Court of Atlantis.


Click each photographer logo to view their Faery Ball photo album.

Click to View Guest Photos from the Faery Ball.

Worried about what to wear?

Sometimes we hear people say they'd love to attend but don't have an impressive enough outfit to wear. Good news, there is no "right" way to outfit yourself, no "correct" era, style, or design. What is important is your enjoyment and participation in this immersive event apart from reality. That means you need only dress up in a way that is fun, comfortable, and fitting for you! The key is that you feel like you are dressing for a special night, not just an everyday experience.

For some, this may be an elaborate, fantasy or historical costume, head-to-toe with detail. For some, it just means a playful hat or that lovely pair of boots you've been saving for an occasion. Or you can pull out your favorite Mardi Gras ball formal from the closet. If you feel inspired, add wings or a headpiece.

What do YOU want to wear to the Faery Queen's ball in
 the Faery Realm and fills your heart with joy?

Don't let fashion keep you from enjoying and being part of The Faery Court Masquerade Ball events. Just dress up to have fun, and come inspire (and be inspired!) by those around you and help raise money for local non-profits!

Everyone is beautiful!

Just be a little EXTRA!

What dream do you want to make a reality?

The invitation

Between the sea and the land,

under the ancient live oak trees.

Between the worlds,

the veil is open for one weekend.

All realms across time

are invited to the

Autumn Queen's

Faery Court Masquerade Ball.

No smoking allowed in the building.

Only a few rules

We reserve the right to deny entry to those who are not appropriately dressed for the event. 

No streetwear (blue jeans, t-shirts, caps, sports jerseys, or khakis). No super hero costumes or cartoon characters unless they are part of a universe based on magic. 

This is still a public event, keep it street legal (no lingerie, pasties, etc.).  

Prop weapons must be peace tied. 

Where to start?

 Which realm or court will you represent? Seelie, Unseelie, Wild Fae, Other Fae Races, Steampunk Iron Fae Court, Otherkin, Pirates, Mermaids, Vampires, Witches, Wild Creatures, Fairy Tale characters,  Historical Reenactment from all time periods, Historybounding, Mardi Gras Krewe Royalty. Will you be one of the Faery Queen's Guards / Warriors?  

Adults 18+. 
Dress to impress! 

 FaeryBall Inspiration

Pinterest Faery Court Masquerade Ball Inspiration

 FaeryBall Couples Inspiration

 Pinterest Faery Court Masquerade Ball Inspiration for Couples

 FaeryBall Accessory Inspiration 

 Pinterest Faery Court Masquerade Ball Inspiration for Accessories

FaeryBall Men's Inspiration

Pinterest Faery Court Masquerade Ball Inspiration for Gentlemen

2024 Costume Contest

We will have a fabulous MC to lead our costume contest.

Some Suggestions for Where to find your Costumes

Comfortable 12 Hour Heels

8/24-25 Treasures Market: Formals, Costume, & Holiday Consignment in D'Iberville MS

Thrift Shops, Ebay, Amazon

Maskerade New Orleans, LA

Wicketty Wigs - Wigs, Fascinators, Hats

PCOX Custom Headware Mobile, AL

Fifi Mahony's Wigs New Orleans, LA

Dime Store Diva Wigs and Hats Biloxi, MS


Southern Costume Company New Orleans, LA

2022 FaeryBall Inspiration


Event Photos from Guests

Event photos shared by guests.

2nd Annual Faery Court Masquerade Ball Extended Highlights

We are the white knight upon a fiery steed that will lead you to a path away from a boring, colorless life, stripped of all character and passion, to a place where fun, creativity and dreams flourish. A place where you can remove the mask hiding your inner heart and embrace your inner, glorious self.

2022 3rd Annual FaeryBall Inspiration

2021 2nd Annual FaeryBall Inspiration

2020 First Annual FaeryBall Inspiration

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